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BCS Staffing falls under the umbrella of Blue Collar Consulting, a veteran owned and operated organization with nearly a decade of experience. We are a business that prides itself on integrity.  Our staff will never take on a job that they do not feel they can accomplish in the allotted time requested by the client.

Since our founding, BCS Staffing specializes in three widespread services: Conus Replacement Center consulting, contract recruiting, and short-term or permanent placements. Within these services, our employment agency specializes in placing: Logistics, Accounting, Constructive, and Administrative Workers. We bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and integrity to the table, and each of our carefully selected staff members have ample expertise and knowledge about the services our employment agency provides. We’re proud to serve individuals who have served our country.


BCS opened for business in January of 2010 with 1 employee.  Initially, our main focus was to support companies that needed their candidates vetted to deploy overseas.  We would assist these companies by supplying liaisons that were experienced in the military deployment process.  This service would allow contracting agencies to meet strict government timelines and get their people on ground to assist the Army in the middle east.

Since then we evolved into what we are today—an experienced, high quality recruiting company with over 10 employees.  We now have the ability to not only help companies that need to vet their candidates through the CRC, but can also assist with candidate management and sourcing both stateside and overseas.  This allows companies to completely outsource their hiring process and save tons of money.

BCS Staffing has come a tremendous way in the last seven years, and we plan to continue expanding our esteemed company in the future.



We care about what we do. Because BCS Staffing is veteran owned and operated, each one of our staff members can relate to the quality candidates we are matching with your company. We’ve been in their shoes, and our team sees the value and skillset that so many of these veterans possess. That’s why we work so hard to successfully match our qualified candidates with superb companies.

Don’t take our word for it, peruse some feedback from our satisfied clients!

"Without BCS we would not have been able to fill a critical shortage that we so desperately needed"
-Robert Young,
"BCS is the epitome of what a staffing company should be and we would recommend to any company"
- Greg Duke


We consider ourselves the missing link between a company and the ideal consumer they are seeking. BCS Staffing prides itself on being one of the top professional employment agencies in the area. We focus on four main areas of staffing and recruiting.


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Reporting to CRC at Ft. Bliss Requirements

By admin | March 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

Everyone reporting to CRC at Ft. Bliss must have the following: – A valid passport – Approved in TASS by current employer (need this to get the CAC) – An LOA with at least 30 days left before EOC – A completed 2807 and 2808 medical form (MOD 12 physical) – A DA 2795 medical […]